IsleofAvalon IsleofAvalon
A guide to the mythos, sites and atmosphere of Glastonbury. Glastonbury's oldest, and arguably greatest, web-site ever. A treasure trove of information and a showplace for the work of local photographers.

Glastonbury Tor Glastonbury Tor
Here you'll find features, pictures, thoughts and links about Glastonbury Tor

Town Website Town Council Website
Very useful for Local Info and Town Council Minutes, etc.

Tourist Information Tourist Information Centre
General Tourist Information about Glastonbury & surrounding areas.

The Glaston Group
Working to provide better services for pilgrim visitors. The group acts as a catalyst to help provide ideas, visions and potential and practical help.

Out of Town projects where Glastonbury people are involved:

Active Remedy Active Remedy
The R.E.M.E.D.Y Project has been established to offer a viable alternative to the massive Environmental breakdown, climate change and the potential extinction due to fresh water shortages, which are now threatening most of life on Earth.

Jerusalem Peacemakers Jerusalem Peacemakers
Jerusalem Peacemakers is a network of independent interfaith peace-builders dedicated to encouraging understanding and reconciliation in the Holy Land

Tulsi Trust Tulsi Trust
THE TULSI TRUST is a registered charity that is aiding, organising and fundraising for an Indian jungle health and education project.

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