Glastonbury is reputed to have had the oldest Christian Church in England and has a long history as a place of pilgrimage. In more recent times it has attracted 'pilgrims' from many faiths and beliefs and remains a spiritual centre to this day.

Glastonbury is reputed to be the birthplace of Christianity in England and remains a centre of Christian Pilgrimage to this day. Although the Abbey is in ruins it remains a centre of worship throughout the year. See this section for links to the history of Chrisitanity in Glastonbury and for information on current Christian events in the town.

Other Paths
In recent years the town has become a place of pilgrimage for visitors of faiths other than Christianity. The reputed healing powers of the White & Red Springs have always attracted visitors and in more recent years there has been a revival of interest in Glastonbury as a centre of alternative beliefs.

Chalice Well - Wheel of the Year

FREE ADMISSION to the gardens 10am & 12pm ~ Wheel of the Year
(please check the relevant dates on our website for free entrance).

Normal admission - Companions FREE - Adults £3.60 (Gift Aided £4.00) - Children £1.80 (Gift Aided £2.00) - Seniors £3.00 (Gift Aided £3.30)

We gather at the Well Head at 12 noon for meditation until 12:30.
At 12:30 join us around the fire on the Lower Lawn for informal ‘conversation.’

Chalice Well is a World Peace Garden. A place of peace and tranquility for those of all faiths and none. These festivals are grounded in common principles of welcome, stillness, silence, reflection, grace, communion, community, relationship, celebration, gratitude and blessing. That people gather together, not in a formalised building or structure of worship, but in a beautiful garden, allows a shared acknowledgement of the sacred and divine that transcends borders and differences.

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