Courses, Classes & Workshops

Courses, Classes & Workshops

Arimathean Retreat - The Essence of Consciousness

Committed to providing unique and progressive courses relevant to the needs of the rapidly changing society of today and a vision of a peaceful tomorrow.

We present 3 full length Professional Diploma Courses:


The foundation and spiritual perspective of all our Courses lies in the contemporary channelled Arimathean Teachings of the Way and the universal principle of unconditional love. The Courses consist of weekend modules which can be enjoyed as One-Offs or can be collated and financed in easy stages and there are considerable savings by committing to a full cluster of three modules or the full Diploma Course of your choice. Studying at the Arimathean retreat provides you with a safe and nurturing environment, working in small groups for optimum benefit. Accommodation is available at Arimathean Retreat at special student rates. We also offer Individual Counselling and Therapy & Bespoke Retreats. Please see our 2016 Diary 01458 830230 / 07721 191950

The Tools of Clairvoyance - 6 week workshop

from Wednesday 22nd February, 7-9pm
Woolavington, Bridgwater

A 6 week workshop with internationally acclaimed and highly respected clairvoyant, Karen Pryce. Karen Pryce is an extremely gifted and highly respected Clairvoyant, in possession of over 25 years of experience. While Karen's outstanding reputation has resulted in a continually expanding (now international) client base, Karen herself is based out of the beautiful village of Woolavington, Nr Bridgewater.

To launch 2017, Karen is delighted to have created a series of workshops, starting with 'The Tools of Clairvoyance'. Working within a small group of 6 people, this workshop will run for a total of 6 weeks on Wednesday evenings, between 7-9 pm, commencing 22 February 2017 in Woolavington.

The price is just £15 per session, to be paid in advance to reserve your place. The workshop will cumulate with a personal and detailed reading with Karen - an incredible and mind-blowing way to complete this exciting personal learning journey.

On this workshop, you will be introduced to and will learn in detail about:

Meditation & Mindfulness
Spirit Guides and how to connect to your own Spirit Animals, Mediumship Protection and grounding Energy, vibration and senses Synchronicities

To take advantage of this opportunity and be part of this learning group, please email Karen on or call 07792621972

Please note that the full £90 workshop fee must be paid in advance to reserve your place as interest is already high and spaces are limited. The price includes all refreshments, workshop materials and the personal reading with Karen, at the end of the final workshop session.

For further detail about Karen, please go to or

Ticket Price: £90.00

The Tao of Love, Sex and Relationships workshop

Friday 7th - Sunday 9th April
Avalon Permaculture Gardens, Barton Rd, Butleigh, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 8TL

Open more deeply to love, sexual intimacy and grow in the way you relate

A weekend workshop to open more deeply to love, sexual intimacy and grow in the way you relate.
Whether you are in or out of relationship the course will introduce you to simple yet deeply reaching ways by which you can grow step by step into a transformation of your sexuality and relationships.

Whether you are in or out of relationship the course will introduce you to simple yet deeply reaching ways by which you can grow step by step into a transformation of your sexuality and relationships.

Self help for relationships: Find ways of working constructively with hurt, fear, anger, blame, arguments and other difficulties in relationships. You will learn the basics of moving out of co-dependence and of creating and maintaining healthy, conscious, deeply loving relationships that support mutual healing and growth.

The dynamics of yin and yang: We will look at the dynamics of yin and yang energy in love, sex and relationships. This can greatly help in understanding and unravelling common problems and difficult scenarios that often occur in relationships.

Taoist sexual energy cultivation practices: Free up the flow of energy and life force enabling you to become integrated, energised, empowered and fully present in your body. The practices enable the healing of sexual fragmentation and wounding. I will share how to bring these practices into lovemaking to enable a state of sexual intimacy that is deeply healing, playful and ecstatic.

Times: Friday 7.30pm - 10pm, Sat 10am - 7pm, Sun 10am - 4.30pm

Cost: sliding scale £140 - £170 according to ability to pay
Deposit: £60

Lunches: we provide simple organic vegetarian lunches On Saturday you can bring ingredients for a communally created evening meal.

To Book: 01458 850704 or 07936 380636

Angel EFT for Writers

Saturday 8th April
Goddess House, Magdalene St, Glastonbury
A one day uplifting workshop for those who love to write/want to write/want to finish writing something and would love to get the angels on board with a fantastic new energy healing approach for exciting results.

Angel EFT for writers is an empowering one day workshop for those who love writing and are interested in connecting with the angels and clearing away any blocks to being able to write, keep writing, editing, getting published or out there. It is suitable for beginners and seasoned writers, bloggers, story writers, novelists or memoir writers. The type of writing/project doesn't matter.
A fun, uplifting day of tapping modern Energy EFT with the angels (Angel EFT) with author, YouTuber and blogger Susan Browne, who published 'Angel EFT, tap into the Angelic Realm with Modern Energy EFT' with Dragon Rising Publishing, UK in 2016. The day will also include powerful visualisations to connect with the angels, exercises and lots of tapping through blocks and to raise positive energy, confidence, and inspiration for your writing.
Susan's intention is not to teach writing style or technique, rather how to work with the angelic realm and EFT to get clear, get inspired and motivated, break through any blocks which have been holding you back such as unhelpful beliefs or procrastination.

Investment: £80 (UK Sterling) or £60 if you are attending Sundays 'Angel EFT for Prosperity' workshops as well. All tickets must be pre- booked online via Eventbrite .
Booking Line : 00353863381850

Angel EFT for Prosperity

Sunday 9th April
Goddes House, Magdalene St, Glastonbury

Join bestselling author of Angel EFT for a day of Abundance!

Inspirational One Day Workshop for improving energy flow with the angelic realm and releasing blocks to abundance to invite prosperity

Angel EFT for prosperity is a fun, uplifting day working with the angelic realm and modern Energy EFT (tapping) to break through blocks to prosperity in order to feel free in your life and not worried about money. Susan Browne, author of 'Angel EFT, tap into the Angelic Realm with Modern Energy EFT' DragonRising UK, 2016, is passionate about helping people to feel better in their energy. She has come across so many spiritually minded people who have trouble accepting money and attracting flow into their life that she felt inspired to teach some of the techniques she has learned.
Angel EFT is a powerful new way of tapping while bringing in the angels. In this day there will be fun and enlightening exercises to help you identify any blocks you have to accepting the divine flow of prosperity into your life. These can stem from limiting beliefs about money, self-doubt, fear of the unknown and so on. You are invited to release these with the help of the angels in tapping work, visualisations and other inspirational exercises so that you can really flourish.
You will come away with the knowledge of how to use these techniques in your day to day life for continued benefit.
Investment: £80 (UK Sterling) - Book Online
Booking Line : 00353863381850

Goddess Circle Dance

Monday 10th - Thursday 14th April
Goddess Hall, Benedict Street, Glastonbury


Celebrate Goddess through dance round the Wheel of the Year

4 day Easter Intensive in Glastonbury to celebrate Goddess through dance round the Wheel of the Year

Dancing in a circle is a wonderful way of invoking and expressing Goddess in our body. In the circle we feel held, loved and supported while experiencing Her everchanging energies of the seasons through dancing. The goal of this workshop is to enable you to share the dances with your community.

Day One: Beltane - Rhiannon the lover
Litha - Domnu, goddess of water and the summer solstice
Day Two: Lammas - Ker the mother
Mabon - Banbha, goddess of earth and autumn
Day Three: Samhain - Kerridwen the crone
Yule - Danu, goddess of air and the winter solstice
Day Four: Imbolc - Brigid the maiden
Ostara - Artha, goddess of fire and spring

Workshop Times: 10:00-17:00 each day (including a 2 hour lunch break) Please be there about 15 minutes earlier so we can start on time.

Workshop Fee: £180 for all 4 days. The workshop fee for all 4 days includes a hand-out with dance descriptions.
It does not include accomodation or food.

(£50 for single days, if there is space). Participants who take part in all 4 days are preferred, if there is space left, it might be possible to take part in single days. Please inquire about this after the 1st of April.

Contact: Hildegard Kirchweger
Register by E-Mail until 1st of April 2017. Limited number of places!

Dancing the Four Elements, Workshop for ladies 40+

23rd April 2017
The Avalon Centre, 1 King Street, Glastonbury, BAG 9JX

A great day to have fun and connect to other women
Come and dance for the day together with other wise women. We will have fun while we connect to the earth, light our fires, dissolve into our water and fly in the air. Book before 15th April with a friend and both recieve a £5 discount
We will have 2 workshops in the day with time to eat and rest in the middle.

After the age of 40 our lives can start to change, internally, externally and physically. When we are faced with change it often throws us into chaos, finding a new balance can be difficult. It is also a time when we are given the chance to create the life we want and to live all those things we haven't been able to in the past.

In this workshop we will explore the qualities of the four elements which can help us bring the balance back into our lives.
Earth and Water have a feminine or yin quality. Earth gives us stability and connects us to nature. Earth needs water for growth. Water is also cleansing, fluid, dissolving and the element of our emotions.
Air and Fire are Yang or masculine. It gives us space, expansion and freedom as we breathe the air. Fire also gives us expansion but with passion and intensity for life.

No Steps to learn just dance your own dance

Please bring some food to share for our lunch together. Tea/coffee /water and biscuits provided.

About Sheila
I am now in my 60s. I have been teaching movement and dance in several forms since 1990.
In former lives I have been a mother, nurse, healer, reflexologist and massage therapist, to name a few.
6 years ago I upped sticks and moved to The Netherlands to be with my now husband. This has and still can be challenging but dancing has kept me in one piece.
I have taught these workshops in Holland and look forward to bringing them to Glastonbury again, which feels like my second home having visited it regularly for the last 30 years.

Cost for Day; £35 (Payable on the day in cash )

Register with a friend before
April 15th
And both receive £5 discount
On the day

Please register for the day
with Caroline;

Or me;


Planting the Medieval Kitchen Garden

Wednesday 3rd May
Glastonbury Abbey

This course is part of our project to recreate a medieval garden and will be using plants which have been chosen for their medieval heritage, grown by the Grounds team at the abbey to complete the first stage of the project. There will be a talk on the differences between medieval gardening and our contemporary equivalent.
To register interest call Marcelle Bacchus, the abbey’s project manager, on 01458 832267. Courses are free for adults 19+ with a £10 refundable deposit.
Part of our Medieval Garden project.

Portals of Light - Meditation Empowerment Evening with Almora

Thursday 22 June, 7.30 - 9.30pm
St Margaret's Chapel, Magdalene St (behind no.38 Magdalene Street)

Investment: £20.00 (Bookings essential limited numbers)
UK Contact 07521 145395

Healing / Activations / Transformations / Alignment / Empowerment - With Almora Dellaina, Sphinx and the councils of light. This is a unique opportunity to work with Almora and the star people through the many layers of self, in our multi dimensional universe.

Meditation empowerment evening includes:
• Soul transmission / Healing energy journey.
• Open and expand levels of your light bodies and other layers of your multi dimensional self
• Receive intuitive guidance in a way that honors your unique connection to Spirit
• Commune with the council of light and cosmic beings of Love and higher intelligence
• Access your own healing abilities to restore balance, vitality and wellbeing to your mind, body and spirit.

When the channels between the unconscious and conscious minds are opened, the path between intuition and action become clear. How we think and feel immediately changes the way that we perform and therefore our reality and experience of life.

Almora empowers people to harness their potential, greatest and wholeness through the classroom of life. By coaching their spiritual growth.’ Dellaina is a trance channel for Almora and the councils of light.

For more about the Almora team please visit

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