Courses, Classes & Workshops

Courses, Classes & Workshops

Please note that many of the events listed require booking in advance.

Arimathean Retreat - The Essence of Consciousness

Committed to providing unique and progressive courses relevant to the needs of the rapidly changing society of today and a vision of a peaceful tomorrow.

We present 3 full length Professional Diploma Courses:


The foundation and spiritual perspective of all our Courses lies in the contemporary channelled Arimathean Teachings of the Way and the universal principle of unconditional love. The Courses consist of weekend modules which can be enjoyed as One-Offs or can be collated and financed in easy stages and there are considerable savings by committing to a full cluster of three modules or the full Diploma Course of your choice. Studying at the Arimathean retreat provides you with a safe and nurturing environment, working in small groups for optimum benefit. Accommodation is available at Arimathean Retreat at special student rates. We also offer Individual Counselling and Therapy & Bespoke Retreats. Please see our 2016 Diary 01458 830230 / 07721 191950

Psychic/mediumistic development circle

Tuesday 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th September
7.30-approx 9.15 with tea/coffee served after. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start to settle in.
The Avalon Community Centre, 1 King Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9JX.
£4.50 pp

Psychic/mediumistic development circle, all welcome, including total beginners. During these evenings we will have a short meditation, and working with each other do various psychic exercises, I will provide everything you need for each session. We will also work with Spirit, I will support and help you each step of the way. I am used to working with mixed abilility groups so even if you have sat in other circles or already work with Spirit I can help push you forward, come along, have fun, find out what you are really capable of and make new friends.

Please email me on (using Circle as the subject) or ring 07483811516 to book a place, Limited to 18 people.

Soulfire - Channelling The Divine

Saturday 23rd September
Miracles Room, Glastonbury Experience
Ticket Price : £55.00
Booking Line

Learn to speech channel Masters, star beings and the Fae I'm an in. author and channeller and I teach empaths healers and humans from all around the world to connect safely with the divine and share spoken messages with their friends clients /tribes this is Not trance mediumship this is channelling 'Like Esther Lee Or Bashar'
Description : I'm Sheelagh and I teach across the world people to allow the divine to speak through them. Since my son was saved 20 mins from death i have taught thousands to become professional and personal channellers. Whether your a healer, novice, professional if you have a heart you can channel this is not trance mediumship this is working as a channel for ascended energies. You will also receive messages/activations/healings from 'The Guide's to help you open to your purpose Just £55 for days instruction or £99 with personal session on Sunday book by contacting me

Foraging Course

24 September 9.00 am - 1.00 pm
Rural Life Museum
£60 Booking required

The Change Biodanza workshop for ladies 40+

1st October
The Avalon Community Centre, 1, King Street, Glastonbury, Somerset. BA6 9JX
Ticket Price: £35.00

I invite you to this day to dance, share and have fun while we explore change together in a loving supportive group.
We dance simple exercises which will take us on a journey exploring the different aspects of change. No steps to learn, I explain each exercise then you dance your own dance.
Will you join us?

The Change, menopause has become something many women dread but embracing crone hood instead of fighting it can be a doorway for a woman to step fully into her Wisdom, Power, Freedom and Beauty. Often when we look at something from a different angle it totally changes. There is a Dutch word - kroona - which sounds like crone. It means crown. So I invite you to see the menopause as a time when you can wear your well-earned crown with pride.
Any change in life can cause a lot of emotions while we adjust. We can feel loneliness, excitement, anger, confusion, fear, sadness, anxiety and grief. These are normal. It is also normal to feel everything more intensely, due to the change of chemicals in our brains, caused by the drop in oestrogen.
So we have a choice. Is this the beginning of the end or a time of endless new possibilities? The possibility to stop growing up and to stop growing older. It can be the beginning of a wilder and wiser life, guilt free and full of joy and play, full of possibilities.
When we let go of, what is no more and the identities built on our roles in life, we clear the path to go within and find the love we ARE, find the power we ARE, see our wisdom and step into freedom, wearing our crowns with pride.
I invite you to this day to dance, share and have fun while we explore change together in a loving way.

Adults’ Expressive Charcoal Workshop with Kate Lynch

14 October 10.00 am - 4.00 pm
Rural Life Museum
£30. Booking required

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