Courses, Classes & Workshops

Courses, Classes & Workshops

Arimathean Retreat - The Essence of Consciousness

Committed to providing unique and progressive courses relevant to the needs of the rapidly changing society of today and a vision of a peaceful tomorrow.

We present 3 full length Professional Diploma Courses:


The foundation and spiritual perspective of all our Courses lies in the contemporary channelled Arimathean Teachings of the Way and the universal principle of unconditional love. The Courses consist of weekend modules which can be enjoyed as One-Offs or can be collated and financed in easy stages and there are considerable savings by committing to a full cluster of three modules or the full Diploma Course of your choice. Studying at the Arimathean retreat provides you with a safe and nurturing environment, working in small groups for optimum benefit. Accommodation is available at Arimathean Retreat at special student rates. We also offer Individual Counselling and Therapy & Bespoke Retreats. Please see our 2016 Diary 01458 830230 / 07721 191950

Drawing Celtic Pattern

June 4th 10am - 1pm
The Chalice Well

A practical exploration of the philosophy, symbolism, and ornamentation of the Ancient Celts.
How do you draw Celtic Knotwork? What are the secrets of keys? Are there tricks for drawing Celtic spirals? What do these mysterious patterns actually mean? Who drew them? Where did they come from? In this workshop, Adam shows the practical methods and the hidden principals behind the ancient magical science of Celtic artwork.

Celtic Woodcarving

4th June 10am-5pm
The Chalice Well

Participants will be introduced to the specialist tools and techniques involved in woodcarving, from how to sharpen the various chisels and knives to identifying the different woods available. They will also have the opportunity to carve their own Celtic ornamental relief carving in Lime wood. This is an introductory course for complete beginners, by the end of which everyone will have one finished artwork to take home. This course admits a maximum of 8 students.

Celtic Mantras

4th June 2pm-5pm
The Chalice Well

The Cauldron is an ancient symbol of life that contains everything that is and is not yet. The Mabinogion story ‘The Fates of Prince of Dyfed’ refers to a living cauldron of regeneration in which a sound as if the stars and the sea and the mountains were singing, arose from the boiling of its waters. This workshop will explore the alchemy of integration and transformation in our everyday lives.

Portals of Light - Meditation Empowerment Evening with Almora

Thursday 22 June, 7.30 - 9.30pm
St Margaret's Chapel, Magdalene St (behind no.38 Magdalene Street)

Investment: £20.00 (Bookings essential limited numbers)
UK Contact 07521 145395

Healing / Activations / Transformations / Alignment / Empowerment - With Almora Dellaina, Sphinx and the councils of light. This is a unique opportunity to work with Almora and the star people through the many layers of self, in our multi dimensional universe.

Meditation empowerment evening includes:
• Soul transmission / Healing energy journey.
• Open and expand levels of your light bodies and other layers of your multi dimensional self
• Receive intuitive guidance in a way that honors your unique connection to Spirit
• Commune with the council of light and cosmic beings of Love and higher intelligence
• Access your own healing abilities to restore balance, vitality and wellbeing to your mind, body and spirit.

When the channels between the unconscious and conscious minds are opened, the path between intuition and action become clear. How we think and feel immediately changes the way that we perform and therefore our reality and experience of life.

Almora empowers people to harness their potential, greatest and wholeness through the classroom of life. By coaching their spiritual growth.’ Dellaina is a trance channel for Almora and the councils of light.

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