Courses, Classes & Workshops

Courses, Classes & Workshops

Please note that many of the events listed require booking in advance.

Salsa Classes & Dancing

Tuesdays at 7.30pm
Red Brick Building
Easy and fun classes with Alister and Laura, in a large room with a wooden floor, next to the Bocabar, popular café/bar/restaurant. Come alone or bring a partner - all welcome, no need to book. One class £5, both classes £8.

Burlesque classes

Every Tuesday 7.30 – 9.30
The Bocabar, Red Brick Building
One or two hour sessions. £10/hour.
Beginners welcome.

Temple of the Goddess Hathor - Liberation and Sisterhood

26th August
Goddess Hall, 29 Benedict St, Glastonbury

Booking Line : 07564 358277
Payments: Bank transfer to RSpirito
Please send an email to to make the payment.
We have 25 places available for this powerful and beautiful event so please book early to ensure your place in Hathor's Temple.
Hosted by Sia Hu Heka & Rebekah Spirito

Journey into the temple of Ancient Queen of Egypt with us. This dance journey is an opportunity to dance with and embody the Hathor energy within. An offering to explore sexuality, movement and expression. To be together in sisterhood. A safe container to liberate ourselves and our sexuality.

Journey with us as we enter the Temple of Sacred Dance with HATHOR, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Love, Joy, Motherhood & Music.

In ancient days the temple was a space where the power of the Goddess was invoked through sacred practices, dance and movement. The community would come to receive this transmission and to witness the sacredness of spirit weaving through matter.

This taster will explore the Ancient Feminine mysteries of temple dance through ritual, dance and initiation.

The invitation is to:
Awaken deeper connection to your body
Activate your creativity, sensuality & personal power
Explore your erotic wisdom
Discover and embody the archetypes of Aphrodite
Explore your boundaries
Immerse yourself in Sacred Community

This is a safe container to explore the unique expressions of who you are. We invite you to surrender to the Mystery.

Who is this workshop open to?
Temple of the Goddess is open to any woman who would like to delve deeper into the inter-relationship between movement, ritual and sacred Feminine practice.
No previous dance experience is required.
This work could be edgy for some people. There may be moments on this journey of feeling uncomfortable, scared and awkward which is totally normal and part of the process. You will be fully supported to go beyond your comfort zone safely and open into to all aspects of yourself.

Moving Through Your Chakra - 3 Hours Healing Workshop

Sunday 26th of August 5pm – 8pm
Mary Magdalene’s Chapel, 46 Magdalene Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9EJ

Costs: £45 (be paid on the door) & Early Bird Special £35 till 20th of August 2018. Spaces are limited

For further information and booking please email:
Despoina Sidiropoulou
director / actress / therapist

A soft inner dance to ground down our divinity and share it with others!

If the body is our vehicle in this journey toward divinity on earth, our chakras are the wheels of the vehicle. We need a map to tell us how to navigate the wheels in order to discover the richness of our divine self. In this workshop we are going to:

• Μove through the music of each chakra.
• Explore their qualities through our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.
• Ground them down on earth in the eternal time of now.

A journey to our divine self, through movement meditation, grounding methods, letting go of emotions, activation of the senses, free improvised dance & sound, mantras, silence.

The workshop is taking place at St. Margaret’s and Mary Magdalene’s chapel, a piece of heaven in the heart of Glastonbury. And it is suitable for those of all Earth Religions and Paths. No previous dance experience is required.

Despoina shares many years of healing, dancing and theatre experience to create a loving and safe environment, in which people feel comfortable to open up, express their emotions, follow the voice of the heart, connect with inner power and allow their beauty to be seen.

The Way of the Practitioner | Weekend Workshop

7th - 9th September
Chalice Well Trust & Gardens

This practical and experiential course is designed for practitioners, healers and therapists, but is also open to anyone with an interest in vibrational essences who wishes to connect with the healing energies of the Chalice Well.

We will work in co-creation with the special energies of Chalice Well to support and develop our potential and capacity to help others through vibrational and plant spirit healing.

During this workshop you will:

Develop diagnosis skills with clients through listening and body watching.
Create the right environment to conduct essences consultations.
Diagnose and apply essences for treatment.
Make an essence to professional standard.
Envision and plan your personal therapy practice.
As a therapist, apply best practice and ensure your practice complies with legal requirements.

This is an advanced workshop open to those who are working towards, or who have existing practitioner accreditation in flower essences

Visual Journey - Entering the Dark

3rd & 4th November
The Avalon Centre, King Street, Glastonbury

A weekend workshop fusing art and shamanism as we meet with the Dark Goddess and create sacred art. Ritual at a Neolithic Long Barrow.

booking line: 07743 545180
price: £170

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